Ocean Influencer: Karl Kenny, Kraken Robotics

The July/August edition of Marine Technology Reporter, the 15th Annual "MTR100", recognizes Karl Kenny and his Kraken Robotics team for moving forward fast on the evolution of subsea technology and business.Karl Kenny and Kraken Robotics are on a mission to revolutionize the way business is conducted subsea. It’s about high-quality data, collected, delivered and analyzed more regularly, liberally shared among a disparate group of stakeholders, from science to commerce to military. It’s about tossing out old norms and embracing different ways of doing business.

Underwater vehicle platforms; advanced sensor technology and components; Robotics as a Service (RaaS); Data Analytics as a Service (DaaS); Digital Twins – Karl Kenny and his Kraken Robotics team are embarked on a plan to grow, but it’s a growth trajectory that’s bigger than one company, one product, one service; it’s a growth trajectory as big as the oceans themselves. But make no mistake, while the product and service platform of Kraken continues to grow diverse, Kraken’s focus is laser sharp: build a complete vertical subsea platform, that is scalable, to help bring about meaningful change for all subsea industry stakeholders.

Kenny is pushing hard to ensure that his company continually evolves the technology, particularly the ability to work more efficiently and to ‘see’ better underwater, as he understands that the quality of data starts with its collection: “Garbage in, garbage out,” says Kenny, who worked at Microso....

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