Colorado Cities Competing to Land U.S. Space Command Headquarters

In December 2018, Vice President Mike Pence stood before an Air Force audience at the Kennedy Space Center and delivered a major announcement:

“The United States is taking steps to ensure that American national security is as dominant in space as it is here on Earth, and to that end, it is my privilege to announce that today, President Trump will direct the Department of Defense to establish a combatant command that will oversee all our military activities in space.”

This U.S. Space Command would “integrate space capabilities across all branches of the military” and “develop the space doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures that will enable our warfighters to defend our nation in this new era,” Pence said. “A new era of American national security in space begins today.”

Eight months later, Pence made another announcement, this time at a ceremony in the White House: Space Command would soon set up headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. But Peterson would only be a temporary home for Space Command, a placeholder until a permanent site was chosen.

Lobbying for that honor started immediately.

As America’s eleventh combatant command, an organizational unit that brings together branches of the military to focus on one region, such as Africa, or one aspect of defense, such as the cyber realm, Space Command would be a plum for any locale, bringing with it the economic boost not just of well-paying government jobs, but work for nearby aerospace and construction ....

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